SNAP to it! Establish EBT atYour farmers market 

Hoosiers are committed to addressing food security in their communities. As of December 2018, 156 Indiana farmers markets and farm markets accept SNAP & EBT transactions via Hoosier Works cards. That's more than $125,000 annually retained in our local agricultural economy! 


Hoosier Farmers Markets believe every individual and family ought to have access to fresh, local food whether they make $5,000 or $500,000 a year. HFMA encourages able and willing farmers markets and farm markets to become SNAP/EBT authorized.


We collaborate with the Indiana State Department of Health, Family & Social Service Administration (FSSA), Farmers Market Coalition, and United States Department of Agriculture Food & Nutrition Service to provide farmers markets and direct-market farmers SNAP authorization education, tools, and resources to offer SNAP/EBT.


Below are the PDFs for the Farmers Market SNAP Start-Up Toolkit. These documents contain all the necessary information needed to make an educated decision on becoming SNAP authorized as well as selecting your free direct-marketing SNAP Point of Service (POS) Equipment.

Join waitlist for free SNAP/EBT POS equipment (as of 7/20/2018)

Only new SNAP markets, farm stands, and CSAs are eligible to apply.