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One third of Indiana’s SNAP-accepting farmers markets could face service disruptions

July 20, 2018

What happens when a farmers market SNAP/EBT technology company shuts down? Nationwide 1,700 farms, CSAs and farmers markets are negatively impacted. This is how we're addressing the issue and how you can help.

Hoosier Farmers Market Association awarded $500,000 from USDA

September 29, 2017

The Hoosier Farmers Market Association (HFMA) was awarded funding just short of $500,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP). This funding will allow Hoosier Farmers Markets to further grow and support farmer-to-consumer markets, community supported agricultural programs (CSAs), farm stands, farm markets, farmers markets, and innovative direct-marketing activities throughout Indiana.

Glean, IN: Farmers Markets to Pantries

November 01, 2015

This September, Executive Director Christina McDougall was awarded a grant from The Pollination Project to replicate and expand gleaning operations at farmers markets in Central Indiana.


Given the seed grant from The Pollination Project, Hoosier Farmers Markets will create an infratructure to support market to pantry connections. On average, market to pantry donations to date have averaged 50-400 pounds per market per week--that's no small potatoes!


Partnering organizations include Indy Hunger Network, Indy Urban Acres, Feeding Indiana's Hungry and the School of Public & Environmental Affairs.

Membership opening soon

November 11, 2015

Soon and very soon Hoosier Farmers Markets will be opening its virtual doors to membership. We've been listening to you, comparing the benefits of neighboring state farmers market associations and have developed stellar membership packages. We cannot give away all our secrets, but here's a sneak peak on the types of memberships available.


Student - Discount when high school and college students sign up with a student email and/or ID.

Individual - Loners, no more. You're now part of a statewide food community.

Family - Parental units and kiddos as a household unit.

Farmers, Vendors and Artisans - We know you, you know us, you know customers...cycle of direct-marketing.

Farmers Markets - You're the meaning in our lives. 

Businesses - Whether you started at a market and now you're thriving, or you really, really like local foods, you're covered.


In the meantime, sign up for our e-news to access early bird specials!


Happy marketing,

Christina McDougall


SPEA Capstone groups assess Indiana Farmers Markets

September 01, 2015

In August, Hoosier Farmers Markets pitched three proposals to students in their final semester in the School of Public & Environmental Affairs program at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Guess what? Two of those pitches have become research projects!


An undergraduate team is analyzing the likelihood of expanding at-market and post-market gleaning activities to benefit our neighbors in need. In conjunction with the pilot project and grant awarded to HFMA by The Pollination Project, this team is looking at increasing the volume of produce in pantries with capacity through farmers market gleaning. Across the U.S., a reported 24% of farmers markets donate unsold products to area pantries. 


An all-female graduate team is assessing the needs of Indiana's farmers markets through a collective impact perspective. Did you know Indiana is the last Midwestern state to form a farmers market association? The team is interviewing grassroots and grasstops leaders as well as conducting a statewide market manager survey. Their findings will inform HFMA's program and service offerings in the coming years.


We thank each of the team members, professors, partners and participants for their energy, time, talents and voices in helping shape the future of this organization so we can do our part to serve the local foods movement!


Happy marketing,

Christina McDougall

Our first office space

October 29, 2015

In May, Hoosier Farmers Market Assocation was one of four finalists to compete in the Dreamapolis' Pitch Feast. As a result of our fabulous support from farmers market friends, partners and vendors as well as a few dozen strangers at that event, we now have a shared office space.


Our current headquarters are at The Speak Easy in South Broad Ripple, the same place we pitched! We love the new collaborative digs and being a member of such a laid back and supportive organization. 


A huge thanks to all of our supporters from that night, Dreamapolis and all our new friends at The Speak Easy for giving us our first communal home!

Peace and paper clips,

Christina McDougall




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