Meet the Leadership Team

Founder & Executive Director, Christina McDougall

Master of Public Affairs - Nonprofit Management, Indiana University

Bachelor of Science - Social Studies Education; English Writing Indiana University

Christina McDougall is the Founding and Executive Director of Hoosier Farmers Market Association. She combined her passions for local food, sustainable agriculture, relationship building and place-making with her knowledge of policy, nonprofit management, outreach and engagement, asset base community development and life-long learning. She brings 19 years of experience and a hunger for nitrate-free bacon. She believes the ideal farmers market should also have roller coasters.

Treasurer, Sandy Decker

Associates of Applied Science - Dental Hygiene & Radiological Technology, Ivy Tech Community College

Sandy Decker grew up on her family's beef cattle and hay farm in Batesville, Indiana. As an experienced office manager of 10 years, she brings operational and logistical experience to the board. Sandy has an innate sense of cost-savings and vendor relations from her medical career which she keenly applies to Association financial reviews. On weekends, you may find Mrs. Decker back on the family farm, working her flower and vegetable garden, and hiking the trails with her husband and daughters. 


Technology, Data & Metrics Advisor, Audrea Diliberto

Bachelor of Science - Management Information Systems, Oklahoma State University

Audrea Diliberto has her head in IT cloud initiatives and her heart in the farm-to-table movement. She is the Indianapolis Outreach Program Manager for Sitka Salmon when is is not managing and implementing SaaS or CaaS technology projects. Audrea advises the team on software selection, tool integration and process flow.

Technology, Data & Metrics Advisor, Daniel Carpenter

Master of Public Health - Biomedical Informatics; Bachelor of Science - Computer & Information Science, Web Design 

Daniel Carpenter is a software engineer at Omada Health. He has a knack for disceting minute data and reassembling complex research into digestible parts. Daniel is a loyal vegetarian. When he's not deep in software design, you'll find him hiking the hills. Ask him about his recent summits in the Andes Mountains. 

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Our board is responsible for duties of fiduciary, loyalty, and care. We're actively seeking legal and financial experts to join this leadership team.


A hybrid between a program and functional committee that focuses on a single marketing strategy for a designated time period to reach a specific goal.


A functional committee that reviews our programs, processes, financial and human capital to inform our developing nonprofit social enterprise business model.

SNAP Access

A program committee that advises on all things SNAP. Includes market authorization, operations, program implementation, outreach, & farmer to consumer exchange.