Professional opportunities

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Local food system staff manage specific programs, lead interns or volunteers, and contribute to daily organizational operations. Undergraduate degree and/or previous transferable experience required. In-state travel required. Full-time. All staff positions are grant funded in part or full. Full-time benefits include:

  • Professional development

  • Networking events

  • Travel & cell reimbursements

  • Co-working membership

  • HFMA & FMC memberships

  • CSA Share

Growing Indiana Markets Initiative and SNAP Outreach roles opening July 2019!


Consultants and contractors collaborator with us in numerous ways. We encourage and seek out freelancers, local, women, veteran and minority owned businesses. Presently, we're looking for individuals and small teams for:

  • Website development

  • Website management

  • Technology support

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Communications

  • Strategic Planning

  • Capacity Building

Contractors are reviewed against federal grant management compliance standards prior to contract extension. Opportunities open! 


Apprenticeships expound on existing skills and include professional development. Mature undergraduate student, earned undergraduate degree with progress towards a master's degree, and/or 1-3 years experience required. In conjunction with academic calendars. Course credit and EARN Indiana eligible. Stipend. Part time (20 hours per week). 

The Apprenticeship Program is paused in 2019 during strategic planning.


Internships offer introductory project-based food system opportunities for course credit. Undergraduate and graduate internships available in conjunction with academic and agricultural calendars.


Customizable. Flexible schedule with maximum 5 hours in office per month. Unpaid. Available upon request. One intern accepted each semester (3-4 per year depending on academic calendars).


Project interns can be located anywhere in the Milky Way galaxy! Submit your cover letter, resume, candidate questionnaire, and a one page project proposal.

The Internship Program is paused in 2019 during strategic planning.